How it’s different

A doable, personally tailored approach – one size does not fit you. Only FIT U fits you.


Diets fail because they reinforce bad habits. It's natural to think that big solutions will help us solve weight problems and the health risks that come along with them. That's why the weight loss industry is a $60 billion industry. Over half of folks have tried a diet in the last year and failed. You probably have. We used to do this, too. The idea of trying to lose weight and improve health without a change in habits and attitudes dooms a dieter to failure. You end up on a treadmill of thinking about what you want, but cannot have until you've lost such and such. That's negative thinking.

Fit U believes poor health choices are not a problem you "fix" by suddenly trying to lose x number of pounds by y calendar date. "I'll stop eating so much and lose 20 pounds. At that point, I'll have hit my goal, and I'll have a strawberry shortcake, because I'll have earned it." 

What's needed is a change to healthier living that is doable in the course daily living. 

New thinking about the relationship between weight and health. Don't get us wrong. We believe goals are important. That's why FIT U is medically measured against a baseline established for each specific client, about the stuff that matters, like cholesterol, high blood pressure, or likelihood of diabetes in later years. The risks and indications are as individual as the person.

The great news is, weight loss occurs, too. So do things like "resting heart rate," a fancy way of saying you don't get out of breath as easily. And another magic thing happens: you become more confident because you simply feel better. It becomes self-reinforcing. 

Fits your life.

It's an individual journey.
FUEL, FLEX and FOCUS coaches work with you one-on-one to help you find new ways of eating, being active and thinking about your life. Your goals and milestones are determined by your own health challenges and opportunities. We show you you how to incorporate change into your life instead of asking you to force your life to change. We do not ask you to sit in group sessions or classes, track points, or buy boxed meals.

All natural, yet medically measured.

There are no chemicals, prescriptions, drugs, or supplements of any kind. There are no artificial substitutes for healthier living. We show you how to achieve it and enjoy the ride without appetite suppressants, stimulants, pills or injections. The FOCUS part of the Fit U program shows you how to develop new, healthier attitudes and habits in the course of daily living. Over time, they add up to positive results. Because we're not trying to get you down to a certain waist size by a certain date, the changes you make in your life are more likely to "stick." 

Benchmarks are based on you. Fit U begins your journey in concert with your physician, based on tests and health indications unique to you. We measure your progress at the halfway point and at the end of 12 weeks, and adjust your curriculum to your individual progress. The results become sustainable after your last consultation in our offices. You leave us on a new beginning, not an end. You'll know your health has improved, because your doctor will be able to tell you.

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